This chart shows the relationship between different wind speeds and their power. It is important to understand that an increase in wind speed of say x2 does not increase the power of the wind by x2.

Lets look at an example from the chart; If we assume the current average wind speed is 20mph (Left column) and it is gusting to 35mph (top row) the resulting increase in power found in blue where they converge is x5.4

This means that the 35mph gusts are 5.4 times more powerful than the 20mph average. This example highlights the fact that kite size selection becomes much more critical when there are gusty winds around. You should also take into consideration your current personal ability and whether you are capable of dealing with the potential sudden power spikes.

These power spikes present most risk to kiters during the launch and land procedures when we are typically nearer to fixed objects .

GOLDEN RULE - "If in Doubt, DON'T go out"

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