Myself and 2 other award winning local business owners were invited to take part in an event for budding young entrepreneurs this week.

The event organised by "Enterprise in Education" provided the challenge for over 60 hopefulls from 5 local schools to choose a company name, design a logo, create a magazine advert, produce costings, marketing strategy and a TV advert for a new unique fragrance.

Our job was to provide inspiration from our own businesses and to judge in a Dragons Den/Apprentice style competition. The winning team led by the highly motivated Emma from Chase high school went for the romantic angle with "Eternal Scent" in a heart shaped bottle and came up with a USP of being able to personalise the smell of the product. Great stuff guys!

A big thanks to all that attended and good luck in the future from myself, Steve at Kitesports worldwide. See the pictures here

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Will Coronavirus affect Kite lessons?

I have decided to delay opening the school for lessons until further notice. Current lessons have been removed from the website.
If you have a voucher, I will extend it by however long this goes on for so don't worry.

Please keep an eye on this page for further announcements.While you may feel that during a lesson we can easily distance ourselves, we still need to all act responsibly and discourage people from going out.The school will still be there when this is over so lets all stay safe and be patient.If anyone has equipment needs, we may still be able to help so drop us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Best wishes to all, Steve